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Welcome to our web site to explore our world of lamas.  The genus lama includes llamas, alpacas, vicunas, and guanacos.

Here you’ll find llamas and alpacas for sale; information on lama fiber and fiber products; things to do with lamas; and history, care and keeping of lamas. There are links to further lama information and organizations, plus things to do in the southern Vermont area while you’re visiting.

At West Mountain Farm, we raise, breed, and sell llamas. We also purchase carefully chosen non-breeding alpacas for you to enjoy. We started in 1988 and are proud to have provided almost 300 new owners with llamas and alpacas.

Please review our statement of ethics that we live by. Click Ethics, below.

Our world of lamas... Handsome companion animals, a source of warm soft fiber, a friend to take to parades, school visits, libraries and nursing homes. A pack animal to carry your load on hikes. Fiber to warm your bed and soul. Enjoy these intriguing animals through this web site and by visiting our farm. New lama owners will find a wealth of information and support from our many articles, 15 years of experience, and our love for these captivating creatures. Feel free to call us with questions at (802) 694-1417.

Fiber and fiber products add to your enjoyment of lamas. Choose fiber products we create for you, or spin, knit, felt or weave your own. See Llama fiber.

Explore our website and learn about the many facets of sharing your life with lamas.

One final word on knowing that your animals will be well cared-for. When we can no longer care for our animals.

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